Bryson 530

bryson 530

Last year I started carring the Bryson Bicycle computers,  The Bryson 100 and the 310,  the reson I brought them in was that they were GPS computers that the charge would last for 30 plus hours.  My Garmin would only last 9 hours so a two day ride I would have to go in search of a electrical outlet to charge up for the second day ride.  No need with the Bryson, have used it for 3days in a row and it still will go longer.  The 530 is a full GPS with mapping with the largest screen of any computer on the market.  and the best thing is it is about half the price of the Garmin.

BRYSON 530     $179.95

BRYSON 530 with Cadence     $199,95

BRYSON 530 with Cadence and HR     $230.00